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Taking a Limo Trek to Greenwich Village

Those feeling nostalgic for a look back at a different side to NYC might want to check out the the 1970’s film Next Stop, Greenwich Village. Better yet, when you rent a limo on your next holiday excursion to Manhattan, tell the driver you have made a change of plans. The next stop you want to go to is Greenwich Village.

Greenwich Village really does have a lot to offer tourists and no trip to New York is going to be complete unless a side excursion to the Village is made.

Sure, Midtown Manhattan still is worth exploring. Travelers to New York have probably heard a great deal about all the wonderful places to visit in Manhattan and Times Square. No matter how much hype you hear about visiting Manhattan, nothing is actually over-hyped. There is definitely a lot to see and you will never run out of things to do.

But, it would be a real shame if you went to NYC and did not take advantage of a limo ride to Greenwich Village.

The Village is located in Lower Manhattan and for many years it has been deemed the art capital of the city. By art, it is not just meant the locality is home to a number of art galleries, although there are certainly more than a few. The arts extends to all manner of performance and culture and the art theme hangs a bright cloud over the region. Maybe you want to look at a foreign movie that is not playing anywhere else. Check such a feature out at the Film Forum is suggested. You may just want to relax in Washington Square Park and listen to the songs of the ever popular street folk musicians. A trek to the local community surrounding New York University (NYU) can present some interesting surprises. Walking down the legendary Bleeker Street will allow you to look at a host of uniquely original stores and shops.

And yes, the coffee shops and restaurants in the Village are unlike anything you would find anywhere else in NYC or, for that matter, the world.

Really, if you want to eat the all-time greatest hamburger in the world, traveling to Corner Bistro, the legendary Village restaurant, might prove unforgettable. That is no exaggeration. The artistry of the locale does extend to its unique restaurant offerings.

While Greenwich Village is certainly different from other areas in Manhattan in many ways, driving around the Village shares some same unfortunate traits. Namely, the traffic can be a little difficult to navigate. The best advice anyone could give here would be not to try and navigate the traffic at all. Some things are much better left to the professionals. A skilled and experienced limo driver can take you to any location in the Village from any destination you are departing from.

The benefits to having a limo driver take you to the Village are enormous. A lot of down time waiting for the subway is eliminated and you can avoid having to pay huge fares on cabs.

Book a limo instead. Doing so is the best way to make the most out of a trip to Greenwich Village.

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